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Video Literature Elective

7th Grade Video Literature Syllabus

Mrs. Siple

Room C118


Course Description: Are you a movie buff? Book buff? Which do you normally like better – the movie or book version of a literary work? In this elective, students develop skills in critical thinking and reading by reading and viewing literary works. The course will focus on reading skills and other literary elements such a plot, characters, dialogue, mood, tone, and climax. Students will use conventional literary elements to determine the differences and/or similarities between books and the film versions of the books.

This full-year elective will use high interest young adult novels and their corresponding movies to pull readers in to the wonderful world of literature. Of course this elective will use Common Core Standards and provide rigorous lessons to challenge students.


Materials: The materials you will need to bring everyday to class are as follows:

·        Writing Utensil- a pencil or pen (as long as it is not red ink or is difficult to see)

·        Notebook- A “journal” will be provided by the teacher.

·        Folder- You will get a lot of handouts. A two-pocket folder is needed to keep yourself organized.

·        Book(s)- Novels will be provided by the teacher.

Novels/Films covered:

·        Catching Fire

·        Divergent

·        Ender’s Game

·        The Lightning Thief

·        The City of Ember



·        Literature Circles:

·        Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

·        Holes

·        Diary of a Wimpy Kid

·        Inkheart


Classroom rules:

  1. Be quiet and in your assigned seat when the bell rings.

  2. No talking while the teacher is talking.

  3. Be prepared and on time for class.

  4. Raise your hand before speaking.

  5. Stay in your seat at all times unless instructed otherwise.

  6. Keep your hands to yourself.





    Classroom policies:

  • Attendance/Tardiness/Makeup Work- It is your job to be on time and prepared for class. Once the bell rings for class to begin, you should be in your seat and quiet. Those who are tardy will be given three chances before a misconduct report will be filed. Please be prompt. If you should miss class for any reason it is your responsibility to come to the teacher to ask about what you missed and to receive any missed work. You have an equal amount of days to complete work/test as you were absent. For example, if you were absent two days, you have two days upon your return to hand in your work or see me for a test and so forth. However, please remember that work that was assigned while you were present is still due on your first day back.

  • Homework- Students will receive at least two homework assignments a week. All homework assignments must be turned in on time, (not by the end of the day, assignments must be handed in when asked for or they will be considered late and not accepted) and I must be able to identify the homework as the assigned work, it must be neatly written or typed, and it must have the appropriate heading.

      • Your Name

      • Mrs. Siple

      • Date (9-1-14)

      • Video Lit.

  • Restroom and Hall Passes- Students should come to class prepared. This means you should not have to return to your locker for any reason. Bring all of your needed materials to class before the bell rings. You will be permitted to use the restroom between bells and during the last ten minutes of class if you haven’t used your allotted five restroom passes per marking period. Students must sign out before taking the pass. Please fill in all of the required times when signing out.

  • Grading: The following is a tentative grading system that is subject to change depending on the amount of material covered each nine weeks.

  • Homework- There will be several homework grades throughout each marking period. Grades will be given on a point scale. For example, after a reading assignment you are required to answer 7 questions. The total possible points you can get is 7.

  • Tests- 100 points each

  • Quizzes-same as homework

  • Projects and essays- 100 points each

  • Reader’s Journal: Students are responsible for ACTIVELY participating in their reader’s/viewing journal. Journals will be checked many times throughout the year.

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