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Creative Projects

My Book of Memories

Project Review: 

During this year you will write a book of memories.  It will consist of your memories and thoughts from your life.  You will be entering high school soon and this memory book will be a project you can look back on to see where you came from and where you thought you were going.  Your finished book will be due at the end of the 3rd marking period, however you should begin now and work on it at least once a week for the remainder of the term in order to complete it on time without rushing.

Book Format:

          The final product will be presented to me in book form.  It must be bound, not stapled.  You will have an opportunity to use the spiral binding machine at the school.  You must include a cover page designed by you.


          Your Book of Memories must include the following 10 chapters, Table of contents, Dedication page, and epilogue:

Chapter 1: Who Am I?  (Who are you?  Where do you live?

What are you life goals? How do you expect to reach


Chapter 2:  Before I Was, There Were ( Your parents,

grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins, and siblings

and anybody who may not be a relative but who has

helped to pave the way for your family.) LETTER FORMAT

Chapter 3:  Suddenly, I Became Me (Earliest memories: people,

places, events, all those cute things that you did when

you were tiny, that your mother, father, grandparents

or guardians tell you about.) 



Chapter 4: School Bells (Your earliest years in schoolK through

3learning to read, special school programs, special teachers,

and special friends, favorite subject)  POETRY FORM-

Haiku (3)


Chapter 5:  I Grew Up Here  (Describe your town, neighborhood,

rural community) FIVE PARAGRAPH FORMAT


Chapter 6:  My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend  (That first crush in

elementary school)  If  you didnt have one, you can substitute

the following topic:

Lets Go to the Movies (Favorite movies at different

times in your life: childhood, early teen  years, and now)



Chapter 7:  I wish I Could See ___________ Again  (Tell about a childhood

friend that you have no contact with any more but would like to see



Chapter 8:  Middle School (Fears, emotions, how you have changed,

teachers, friends, activities, successes, heartbreaks) FIVE



Chapter 9:  Lets Take a Vacation ( A memorable trip you took with

family or friends or a trip you would like to take) 



Chapter 10:          High School Expectations  (What do you expect high school

to be like?  What are your fears?  What are you looking forward to most? 

Where do you expect to be in 10 years) FIVE PARAGRAPH FORMAT


Epilogue:     If I could change one thing about my character, I would


FINISHED BOOK:           DUE APRIL 20th or Sooner

          If your Book of Memories is compete and shows creativity and thought, your overall grade will be no less than 180 points out of a possible 200 points.  The more thorough and creative you are in decorating your book cover, pages and sections, the higher your grade will be.  Possible ideas for decoration may include drawings, pictures, photographs, newspapers, or brochures.  Any book that does not contain all 10 chapters, table of contents, dedication page and epilogue will receive a lower grade, regardless of how fancy it is.  Any book that has been obviously Thrown together, which demonstrates an extreme lack of effort, will not be graded.

§         All deadlines must be met on time.  A rubric will be given for each chapter assignment and a point value will be assigned.

§         Your final project will be a major portion of your nine weeks grade.  I highly recommend you begin developing ideas without hesitation.

§         Evidence of the writing process must be included in your final draft.

§         Common conventional errors should not exist within your writing.  We will be focusing on those types of conventions when assessing your writing during this assignment.



Materials:  Some materials will be made available to you by the teacher, but students may need the following:

  • Cardstock (heavy paper found in the scrapbook section)
  • Stickers (letters and numbers)
  • Photos
  • Pattern paper

Acquired Island Project

7th Grade English

S. Siple


Background Information:  You and your group have just received an island of you very own to govern.  The United States has sent out you and your group to set up a government on a deserted island that the U.S. has decided to buy.  There is no hope of being transferred to another place for many years.  Your job is to map out the uncharted island, including how you intend to survive.  There are no previous settlers on the island.  You must also decide how you will govern yourselves; including what rules you will follow to live peacefully among your group. 


Details of Assignment:

  1. Design a map of your deserted island.  The map must include:
    1. A title
    2. Location; directional arrows, climate conditions, latitude/longitude coordinates
    3. Places: human characteristics, physical characteristics
    4. Key
    5. Scale (example1 inch = 50 miles)
    6. Color: neatness and completeness are very important
    7. Use of poster board (will be provided)
  2. Each group member must make a journal with seven ½ page entries to be handed in with the project, describing what the island looks like and what life is like living on the island with the other group members.  There should be no spelling, grammatical, or other mechanical errors.  These are designed to be seven different days (they shouldnt be consecutive days, however).  These should be stapled and handed in upon completion.
  3. As a group, make a list of the laws/rules that you think will be necessary to successfully operate your new community.  This list must be neat, legible, and turned in with your finished project.
  4. Refine your list to the five most important rules/laws.  Explain why you chose each of these rules.  Be very specific.  This list and explanation must also be turned in with the finished product.
  5. Each group must also design a visitors pamphlet that highlights your new island.  Sell your island, make it appealing to they will either visit or move there.


Journal Entries

In your journal entry, include information about what the island is likedescribe the island, including

  • The islands climate
  • Physical features
  • Foods available
  • What does it take to gather the food?
  • Clothing (because yours will wear out)
  • What will you do for shelter and warmth/or shelter from the sun?
  • How do you get along with others?
  • What do you do to pass the time?
  • If there is a disagreement, how is it settled, etc?
  • Punishment for breaking laws/rules

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