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Notebook Criteria

Seventh Grade English Notebook Criteria


·       Students should have a 3-ring binder dedicated to this class

·       First and last names, period of class, Mrs. Siples English all need to appear on the cover of the notebook. (Must be easily seen and spelled correctly!)

·       Students should have dividers that clearly divide their notebook into the required sections.  (homemade or store bought)

·       Each section must be clearly labeled and spelled correctly

·       Class syllabus must appear at the beginning of your notebook and must remain there for the duration of the school year.

Sections (in order)

·       SSR

o   Includes: Readers Log, Alternative Book Report paper

·       Vocabulary

·       Grammar

·       Notes

·       Journal


*** A new rubric will be given each nine weeks for students to follow***

ADA Compliance Errors 0