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Spanish IV

about 1 year ago

 "El Cid Campeador"/ "El Canto del Mio Cid"


Fijate! Su ultimo ano en espanol!!!!  Imagine!  Your last year of Spanish!!!

Spanish IV will be working on the following concepts this year:

Review of vocabulary learned in Spanish I, II, and III.

Review of grammar learned in Spanish I, II, and III.

Maintaining a journal.

Learning more difficult vocabulary and concepts to improve speaking and writing in the target language.

Working with Textbooks Paso a Paso II and III.

Perfecting the varied verb conjugations

Reading portions of "El Canto del Mio Cid" Spanish literature. 

Discovering Hispanic culture through literature, geography, and movies and meeting speakers fluent in the target language when available.

Working with the Internet, video, audio, conversation forums, skits and presentations.

Spanish IV will be working with Curwensville or Penn Grampian elementary in presenting their own lesson plans, pinatas, and books.


Assigned textbook, worksheets, notebook, writing utensil, and journal


Your grade is based on a straight point system.  You will divide the total points you have received from the total points possible for this course.  Your grade is based on a mixture of assignments, homework, skits, projects, quizzes and tests.