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Spanish III

about 1 year ago

"Don Quijote de La Mancha", Miguel Cervantes de Saavadra

Felicidades para obtener a este nivel en espanol!  Han trabajado mucho para realizarlo!  Congratulations you have reached your third year in Spanish.  This year, if all goes as planned, you will be able to teach Spanish to the Curwensville or Penn Grampian elementary students in the spring.

SPANISH III will be working with the following concepts this year:

Review of Vocabulary learned in Spanish I and II

Review of Verb conjugations learned in Spanish I and II

Maintaining a journal

Learning more difficult vocabulary and concepts to improve speaking and writing ability in the target language.

Working with Textbook Paso A Paso II

Learning new verb tenses ( compound tenses, formal command tense, conditional tense, subjunctive tense)

Discovering Hispanic culture through literature, geography and customs, reading, video, the Internet and hopefully, other speakers fluent in the target language.

Reading excerpts from Spain's most famous author, Miguel Cervantes, Don Quijote de La Mancha. 

Spanish III will be working with Curwensville or Penn Grampian Elementary in presenting their own lesson plans, pinatas and books.

Research project to be determined at a later date for their final project along with presenting their work to the class.

Required Materials

Text-Paso A Paso II

You are required to bring your textbook and workbooks along with a journal, notebook and writing utensil to class with you every day and with any current materials we are using in class.  You will be writing in a journal from time to time.  

Grading System 

Grades are based on a straight point system.  Your grade will be calculated by dividing the total points you received by the total points possible in this course.  Your graded assignments will be based on a mixture of homework assignments, skits, quizzes, tests, conversation, teaching project at Penn Grampian project, and other related projects.