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Spanish I

about 1 year ago

Spanish I Course Syllabus

Spanish I will be covering the following concepts:

Spanish alphabet and pronunciation

Basic vocabulary to follow simple instructions in Spanish, respond to Spanish greetings, express likes and dislikes, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, basic foods, items found in the home and neighborhood, family and friends, health and body, school and classes.

Basic conjugation of the present tense of regular and irregular verbs and the preterit tense.  The use of the verbs ser and estar used in description of self and others.

Participation in role-plays, skits, and communicative activities in Spanish.

Research using the Internet as well as


Textbook- Asi Se Dice I, workbook, notebook including pocket folders and a writing utensil. Students are required to bring the textbook, workbooks, notebook and writing utensil to class with you every day along with any current materials we are using in class.


Grades are based on a straight point system.  Your grade will be calculated by dividing the total points the student receives  by the total points possiblein this course. The graded assignments are based on a mixture of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, skits, projects, class participation and behavior.