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Our Classroom Wish List
Our Classroom Wish List

Once upon a time...
There was a classroom that needed the following items:

Hand sanitizer
Paper products (cups, napkins, plates, etc.)
Paper towels

and because of your generous donations, the class lived and learned...Happily ever after.

Study Tips

about 1 year ago

How to Help Your Child Study for a Test

Follow these steps to help your child off to a good start for an upcoming test.

1. Determine what the test will cover and organize all the study materials.  (Examples: will the test cover: chapters in a book, class notes, homework assignments, etc. Make sure they are avaible for study.)


2. Schedule time for studying ahead of time. (Don't wait until the last minute to study.  Break down the study tasks throughout the week.)


3. Use effective study techniques.


    * When your child is studying, write important information on index cards.  These cards can be used later for review.

    * Review homework and class notes. It is helpful to underline or highlight any important points to remember.

    * Review study questions and past quizzes and tests. 


Source: Lee Canter's "Parents on Your Side, 2nd edition."


Using the Cafe Order Form
How to Use the Online Order Form

1.) Click on the link (Golden Café Order Form) on the side of the Curwensville Website, under Teacher Shortcuts.
2.) Click on the Golden Café Menu link.
3.) A box will open, click on Open.
4.) Once it opens, go under "View" and click on "Edit Document."
5.) You will need to save the order form to email it to me.
6.) You will email it to :
7.) Please have you orders submitted by Thursday at 2:30.