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English 11

about 1 year ago

Welcome to English 11!

Course Syllabus

This course will combine your previous writing, reading and comprehension skills with a variety of new experiences to further enhance your command of the English Language.  Litrerature for the class comes from a majority of American Authors and covers the earliest inhabitants to present day America.

     Reading analysis, origional writing, class discussion, public speeking, related videos and other educational aspects will be used to enlighten students. 

     Preparing students for standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT,etc. will also be addressed throughout the year

Student responsibility

     Students should take responsibility to come to class every day ready to learn.  Binders, paper, and writing tools are the students responsibility.  Missed work is also the responsibility of the student - see me for make-up work if you have missed a day of class.  Deadlines are given for a reason.  Missed deadlines will result in grade deductions.  See Tide Guide for missed work policies.

Classroom Rules

     The classroom rules are simple - 1. Respect yourself.  2. Respect others.  Everything falls under those two statements.  I pride my classroom as being a safe place to learn and express ideas.  No one will be critisized for having an appropriate response to what is happening

Research Project

about 1 year ago

The research paper for juniors will hopefully be very helpful for both students and parents.  my motivation for this project is to help students plan the next few years of their lives.
Students will choose a career (hopefully, the career they are most interested in at this time).  They will then become the expert on that topic and explain the process of earning that career.
What will be graded as part of the research paper: 
1. Thesis statements - what the paper will be about
2. Working bibliography - the possible places where you could get your information
                                   must include 2 non-internet sources
3. Working Outline - what may be in the paper
4. Notes - Cards or written pages of the information needed - downloaded materials are not acceptable
5. Rough Draft
6. Final Draft
Due dates will be given for all the above aspects of the paper.
A parent signature paper to approve all work will be with the due dates.
This project begins early in the 1st 9-weeks and will conclude by Thanksgiving vacation.
Description of thesis statement:
             This is the information I would like to see on the paper.  It may be rearranged
              in any logical order that students wish to assemble.
I. Interests and Skills
   A. Internet Questionnaires   (at least 2)
   B. Personal Preferences
   C. Career plan
II. Career
   A. Nature of Work
   B. Working Conditions
   C. Employment  
   D. Job Outlook
   E. Earnings/Benefits
   F. Training Required
III. College/Training
   A. High School
      1. GPA
      2. Class Rank
      3. Courses Needed for Career
   B. College Admission Requirements
   C. Costs
      1. Tuition
      2. Housing
      3. Food
      4. Books/Supplies
      5. Fees
      6. Other Costs
      7. Total
         a. One Semester
         b. Completion of Course
IV. Graduation Requirements
   A. General                            (All courses to be taken should be noted in the paper)
   B. Degree Specific
   C. Course Summary for Major  (may cut and paste college summaries)
V. Paying for College
   A. Estimated Family Contribution
   B. Financial Aid Possibilities
      1. Loans
      2. Work Study
      3. Scholarships
      4. Other
   C. Estimated Grants
All aspects of the outline are dependent on the type of occupation chosen.  Information may be added or changed and may not require this length.  However, all occupations requiring college, need to cover these options.  Students may use this outline for their papers if all aspects apply.
All papers need to include:
     1. cover page
     2. an outline
     3. the body of the paper 
     4. bibliography.
See MLA Style Guide for examples of how to set up Bibliography.
MLA style guides are also available through links on my site!
All aspects will be covered in class.

MLA Style Guide
Citing Sources

This site gives you examples of the MLA Style for citing research papers.

Purdue University (which also has examples of the APA Style as well as other writing samples to help in any situation)is a very complete source for understanding research paper formats.

I show my students the MLA style and Mr. Fleming covers the APA style in 12th grade to prepare students for both styles before moving on to college.