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over 2 years ago

The following websites correspond directly to our textbook.  This is a great way to study for any up coming tests or quizzes.  It has all types of problems and can assist you with your homework as well.  Make sure to check them out.
Pre Algebra

Pre-Algebra Syllabus

over 2 years ago


Be prepared for class everyday. Bring your book, notebook and pencil. Each day you do not come prepared you will receive a box of shame entry. Three box of shame entries and you will lose one point off of your report card grade.


You will be required to keep a notebook in class. Your notebook MUST be kept in a three ring binder. It will be checked each FRIDAY for content. I will also randomly check your notebook from month to month. Notebooks should contain board examples, terms, homework, questions and DAY #. All information must be kept in chronological order.


The major areas of study will be: algebra, geometry, and other areas of mathematics in verbal, tabular, graphical, and symbolic form. Problem- solving activities and applications encourage students to model patterns and relationships with variables and functions and to construct, draw, measure, and classify geometric figures. Graphing calculators and computer applications will be utilized in many of the areas of study in this course along with Internet data collection and information gathering.


There will be various projects incorporated into the curriculum, some involving other subjects. The time length can range anywhere from one week to one month depending on the amount of material required.


Grading will be done on a point basis. Tests will be worth 100 points, quizzes 5-50 points, notebooks will be 10 points each, projects 50-200 points, and homework will be 10 points each.


Homework is due the next class period unless specified. Each homework is worth 10 points. Each student has three one-day grace periods. If that homework is not turned in before their next class that student cannot receive those 10 points.