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POD movie reviews

about 1 year ago

POD Movie Guide for Year


During class 4 movies will be shown. Each movie has its own synopsis:


POD/Fall- Wag the Dog- (PG-13) Political satire about how our Presidents and other leaders are controlled or wagged by big business and lobbyists. A fake war run by spin artist Robert Deniro is used to cover up a Presidential mistake made just days before the election. Can he and his political machine dope the public and cover up his mistake? Is the news really trustworthy and can it be trusted?


Economics/Winter- An Inconvenient Truth-(PG-13)   Environmental movie about global warming and the choices we make everyday. Economic theories about Trade off costs, Resources, Markets, Competition, opportunity costs, and diminishing returns dominate the movie. Students begin to envision a greener Earth without hurting our economy. Movie is narrated by ex Vice President Al Gore.


Psychology/Winter- A Beautiful Mind-(PG-13)   Movie about the true story of John Nash, who won the Nobel Prize in 1994. Shown during the study of Abnormal Psychology students see first hand the affects of schizophrenia and how it also affects family members. Students also see treatment options for this disease that reinforce classroom instruction. Movie set during the Cold War hysteria and starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.


Sociology/Spring- The Pianist-(PG-13)   Movie depicting the treatment of Polish/Jewish citizens in Warsaw during WWII. Movie shows students how the German society broke down in morals and folkways in the face of Hitlers presence. Students should begin to figure out how people were able to change long held beliefs almost overnight. Students will also begin to understand some of the psychological conditions that Jewish citizens endured.

Civics Course Description
 Civics Course Description
Civics is a 9 weeks course that allows the students to research and present viewpoints on some of today's major issues in government. Some of the issues we will be working on include: Immigration, poverty, civil rights, and government financing. All students will present their ideas to the class.