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Chemistry I

about 1 year ago

Chemistry I Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Huber

( 2nd Lab 3rd Fri ) ( 4th Lab 3rd Wed. ) ( 5th Lab 6th Tues. ) ( 7th Lab 6th Mon. )

Available for Help or to
make up quizzes or tests:
1st period Mon - Fri 3rd period Mon. Tues. Thurs
9th period Mon.-Fri. (by appointment)

Materials Needed: Notebook- Good sized (No papers in folders) A three ring binder works well, paper is
Calculator - Should be scientific (Needs to have scientific or exponential notation)
!!! Beware of Calculator Theft!!!

Folder- Optional, but a good idea.

Text Provided: Merrill - Chemistry

Grading : Grading is done on a point system. Each graded work is assigned so many points, which are totaled at
the end of the quarter. The total points are then divided by the highest point total of all the Chem I
classes to arrive at a percent grade. (Somewhat of a curve)

Graded work Average Points A average Frequency

Tests 35 - 65 Three per quarter

Quizzes 15-35 One every 1 1/2 weeks

Homework 2 - 6 Most days

Labs 10 - 15 Every couple weeks

Lab Reports 20 - 35 One a month (Dec. - May)

Notebook 30 Once a quarter

Projects 20 - 40 One or Two

Note- The greatest weight is on the quizzes and the tests, followed closely by the homework which tends to add up to a significant portion of the grade. Homework may be able to save you if you are just barely failing the quizzes and the tests.
You must show your work to receive credit for the homework, just listing the answers will not be given any credit, unless otherwise noted.

Makeup Policy:

If you miss a the day of a quiz or test, the quiz or test should be made up the day you get back. If you
were out for multiple days that will be taken into consideration when planning when you will make up the
quiz or test.
If you miss the day before a quiz or test, and were aware that the quiz or test was going to occur before
you were absent, you must take the quiz or test the day it is given.

Making up quizzes or tests is your responsibility. In other words, you should come to me ( Mr.
Huber) to arrange when you are going to make up the quiz or test. Don’t let things go until the end of the
quarter, or else you will forget the material, and get a bad grade on the quiz or test.

Getting Help: If you are having difficulty with chemistry, the worst thing to do is nothing, get some help!!!

Who can help you? Mr. Huber, Smart Friends, Smart Seniors

Note- If you are failing, it is very difficult to get a 70 unless it appears you are trying to help yourself by getting some help. Also, try not to miss school. Missing class is probably the single greatest contributor to people failing chemistry. You can’t be taught if your not in school. That also goes for being late!!!


There are basically two types of labs that we do, the make and take variety, and the measuring and calculating
variety. Often times there is a simple worksheet you will fill out, which may or may not be graded. There are
also lab reports which you will write. We will probably not get to any lab reports until Dec..

Lab Safety: Lab should be fun and interesting, but must be safe. Most safety rules are common sense such as not
horsing around back in lab, and doing exactly what you are told. We will go over these common sense
rules of lab safety, and some rules that you may not be aware of. (Safety Contract)

Content to be covered:

* Introduction to Chemistry & Atomic Structure Ch. 1 & 4
*** Measuring and Calculating- Ch. 2
* Matter & Materials- Ch. 3
** Chemical Formulas- Ch. 7
**** The Mole- Ch. 8
*** Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry - Ch. 9 & 19
* Ch. 15- Kinetic Theory
*** Gas Laws Ch. 18 & 19
*** PSSA Chem. Review Ch. or Phase Change Ch. 16 & 17
*** Solutions Ch. 20, 21, 23,& 8

Behavior: 1. You must get to class on time. I know that it might be hard to get to the chem room from the gym area
in three min., but you must at least try your hardest to get here on time.

2. When I am talking, you should not be. You will have time before and after I am talking to socialize, but
when I am giving notes, or explaining something on the board, you should be quiet.

3. You will be given the privilege to pick where you want to sit permanently, but this privilege may be
revoked if you cannot be quiet around those people you choose to sit with.

4. Cheating will not be tolerated.

5. Stealing will not be tolerated in any way, and will be dealt with the most severe manner possible

6. Please limit your requests to go to the bathroom and locker to those situations which are truly
emergencies. Only one person will be able to leave the room at a time for any situation.


Webelements  -   Excellent Site for researching the elements 

Element Flash Cards-  Helping to learn your names and symbols - Another element symbols game