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Physical Education Syllabus

about 1 year ago

Curwensville Area High School

Physical Education Rules


  1. Each student starts with zero (0) points and earns points by specific actions:
    1. +3   points for being fully dressed for class shorts or sweats, T-shirt or crew neck sweatshirt (no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cutout shirts), socks, and acceptable sneakers.  All clothes must fit and students may be asked to change at the instructors discretion.
    2. +3   points for being on time, not chewing gum, hair pulled back, displaying good sportsmanship, not wearing any jewelry, participating during class, performance on tests or quizzes, etc.
    3. +6   total points that may be earned during each class period.
    4. If all points are earned/nine weeks a student can earn a 100%.


2.    When a class does not meet because of schedule changes, early dismissals, etc. all points will automatically be awarded to the student.  If a student misses class due to a mandatory school activity (band lessons, testing, etc.) the points will also be automatically awarded.


3.     As noted in item one, all students will lose three points if they are chewing gum, late for class, do not have appropriate clothing, exhibit poor sportsmanship, use inappropriate language, do not actively participate, are wearing jewelry, hair not back, etc.  All decisions are at the discretion of the instructor.


4.     All students (girls and boys) are required to remove all jewelry.  (Jewelry includes, but is not limited to, earrings, spacers, gauges, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc.)   Any students who do not remove jewelry will not be allowed to participate and will receive a zero for that class.  This includes all old and new piercings.  Please delay any piercings until the summer months so it will not interfere with your class participation.  This is a safety issue in class since we have had injuries caused by jewelry.


  1. All students (girls and boys) must have all hair pulled back away from their face during class.  Any hair that is at chin length or below must be pulled back.  Any bangs that are covering or partially covering the eyes must be pinned back.


6.    If a student chooses not to dress or participate, no points are awarded and this class cannot be made up.  Each time a student does not dress or participate in physical education class for three times in a nine week period they will be assigned a teacher detention.  If they miss more than three classes in one nine week period they will be assigned an administrative detention for each one missed after the initial three.


  1. If a student is absent from school or has a medical excuse from a parent or doctor they are required to make up that class to receive the points for that day.  It can be made up any Wednesday after school or during a study hall if a class is available that period.  Other arrangements may be made with your instructor.  All classes must be made up within two weeks of the missed class period or they become a zero.  All students must sign in to receive credit for a make-up class.


  1. If a student has a medical excuse which requires them to miss six or more class periods they will be assigned other activities to do in place of regular physical education.  This activity will be based on the doctors recommendation if possible.


  1. Students are often reminded by the instructors of the number of classes they have missed and are encouraged to make them up within the two week time period.


  1. All students participating in physical education classes are required to complete the Presidents Physical Fitness Test.  This includes testing in endurance, speed, flexibility, and strength.  The testing is done in the fall and must be completed or the student will not receive a passing grade until the testing has been finished.  If testing is not completed by the conclusion of the school year, the student will fail physical education for the year.  A student must have a medical excuse from a doctor to be excused from testing.