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Junior High Metal


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Name of Course _____Junior High Metal Technology_______________________________________________

Length of Course ____9 Weeks____________           Appropriate Grade Level(s)                _______8______



1.             Learning Proficiencies Associated with Appropriate State Standard


                The student should be able to:


·         Successfully construct a sheet and wrought iron metal project, and utilize facets of Technology using a modular, computer trainer.


1.                    Utilize facets of technology using a modular computer trainers.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.10,3.7.12)


2.                    Understand and use terminology associated with metal technology.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.10,3.7.12)


3.                    Identify and correctly use all basic hand tools associated with sheet metal.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.10,3.7.12)


4.                    Set-up and properly use spot welder, mig-welder.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.10,3.7.12)


5.                    Identify, understand and properly use power equipment.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.10,3.7.12)


6.                    Describe and display appropriate behavior associated with safety.

(Pennsylvania State Standards 3.7.7,3.7.10,3.7.12)


2.                    Instructional Strategies


·         Class demonstrations

·         Lectures

·         Discussions

·         Structured notes

·         Sketching/plans

·         Computer applications


3.             Content and Timeframe


                Week 1


                Course outline, measurement unit, fractions, addition, subtraction, division, measurement scales.


                Week 2


                Safety unit and safety contract.


                Week 3


                Problem solving unit and cooperative learning.


                Week 4


                Introduction to project #1 Sheet metal, layout, tools, measurement, hand tools.


                Week 5


                Work sessions, demo, student project work.


                Week 6


                Filing, finish, paint intro project.


                Week 7


                Wrought iron bending, scroll work, jigs, fixtures, diacra bender.


                Week 8


                Work sessions, cohesive bonding.


                Week 9


                Completion projects, painting, and grading.


4.             Curriculum Materials (text: include book title, publisher, copyright year)


                Text: Exploring Metalworking, GoodHeart Wilcox Co. 1987.


5.                    Assessment Tools


·         Structured notes

·         Tests

·         Quizzes

·         Writing assignment

·         Class participation

·         Project/product grades


6.             Assessment Benchmarks


                The student should be able to:


A.                  Know and compare


Length, width, height, sheet goods, linear feet, square feet, shearing, bending, and layout tools used in metal working.  Facets of computer modules.


B.                   Know and recognize


Sheet, band iron, hot-rolled, cold-rolled steel, angle iron, spot welder, mig welder, square, burr, sharp ends, bend.


C.                   Know and use


Square, combination square, t-bevel, steel rule, straight edge, center-punch, scribe, ball peen hammer, dividers, bending jigs, barfold, box and pan, squaring shear, slip roll, sheet metal ships, aviation snips, file, file card.


D.                  Know and use


Welding helmet, brazing goggles, leather gloves, apron, safety glasses.


E.                   Know and use


Drill press, grinder, pedastol grinder, spot-welder and mig welder, spray booth.


F.                   Understand and display


Safety, as individual and group.  Safely demonstrate set-up and operation of machines.  Inspection of tools and equipment to prevent unnecessary accidents.


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