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Introduction to Spanish 8th Grade


A 36 Day Course


This is a 36 day rotation class designed to introduce you to basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar, culture, and customs of Spanish speaking countries.  During this class, we will cover the following topics:

Spanish grammar and alphabet                  Basic Foods

Greetings                                                         Spanish cuisine

Colors                                                               Purchasing and ordering food

Numbers 1-100                                               Parts of the body

Days of the week                                            Months of the year                              language program will be introduced if time permits.


There is no textbook for this class.  You are required to bring a notebook and writing utensil to class with you every day along with any current materials we are using in class.  There will be notebook checks from time to time and they are worth 5 points each.

Grading System

Grades are based on a straight point system.  Your grade will be calculated by dividig the total points you received by the total points possible in this course.  Your graded assignments will be based on a mixture of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and skits.


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