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Logs to Lumber Cancelled Due to Coronavirus
Hope everyone is healthy and staying busy thru the chaos and uncertainty with all that is going on.
I am just letting everyone know from the source that Logs to Lumber will be cancelled this year, obviously due to the circumstances and fairness to all the kids and sponsors.
Nothing went to waste with all the work and planning already done, it will go towards the efforts of next year and be that much better. Thank you to everyone for your support and help.
My prayers are for and with all of you. Take care and I miss everyone. Stay healthy and productive. This will come to pass and we will be stronger.
thank you
Jaye Bressler
Members and Officers
Logs to Lumber 2018-2019

President - Kieran Bunnell
VP - Abby Pentz
Sec - Kyra Henry
Treasurer - Maura Bunnell