NHS Member Requirements

4 months ago

NHS Member requirements


To exemplify the characteristics of NHS; Character, Service, Leadership, and scholarship, the following are requirements determined by the membership body, faculty council and National Chapter of the National Honor Society.  


1. Meeting attendance is mandatory, not optional.  Any students that has 3 unexcused absences from meetings will receive a warning.

There is a text app that you can sign up for to get reminders on your phone about our meetings.  There are copies of meeting calendars in my room that you can pick up.  

2. Fundraiser and Service Project participation is mandatory.  The membership body allows for a donation to be made in lieu of selling Gardner's Candy.  As the adviser, I create an option for students that are unable to attend a service project.  All students must complete 3 hours of an individual service project and have the form signed by the adult responsible for the project.  All individual service projects should be pre approved by the advisor.


In addition to the above requirements students have to continue to meet the NHS guidelines that have been established by the national chapter and the local faculty council. 


Service Project

4 months ago

The serenity garden project was completed in 2016-2017.  However, the club felt that the maintenance of the garden shouldn't be left to someone else.  The maintenance of the serenity garden became part of the bylaws of the club.  So each year it is up to the NHS club to maintain the garden by weeding and mulching and possibly adding new flowers.  

In addition to maintaining the garden the NHS club will also be doing a new group service project each year.  Ideas for new service projects are always welcome.  Please share any new ideas with Mrs. Pennington, Mr. Sutton, or the executive board.


2018-2019 NHS Executive Board

NHS - Officers

Jordan Turner - President

Taylor Luzier - VP

Megan McCracken - Treasurer

Cael Butler - Secretary