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About 7th Grade Social Studies

Q:  What subjects are covered in 7th Grade Social Studies?


A:  In 7th Grade Social Studies we will cover ancient history/civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome & China), Europe during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation, and also United States, European, and Asian Geography.


Q:  What will we learn about each subject we cover?


A: We will examine the geography, beliefs, economy, society, government and history of each civilization we cover.  During our geography units, we will examine the physical, political and human geography of the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Q: What types of assignments will we be completing during our study of various subjects?


A: We will complete a wide array of assignments including quizzes/tests, in-class projects, research projects and group projects.


Q:  Why do we have to learn about ancient history/civilizations and geography?


A: Believe it or not, many things such as inventions, ideas, laws and traditions that we find in today's world were actually developed by ancient civilizations. Also, sometimes we don't think about how the world around us and/or the past effects our day-to-day lives so, it is important to learn about the people, places and things that are not so recent or that are unfamiliar to us to help us understand things in our world today.



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